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"I had a great session yesterday. I had tried sound bath a couple of times before but it just didn’t work for me. You provided the perfect set up and environment for me to get the most out of the session. I loved how everyone was lying in a circle around the crystal bowls. The lighting was perfect and also your intro at the start as well as chat at the end asking people how their experience was. It was a lot more personable than other sessions I’d been to and very professional. Thank you! 🙏 "

- Thaisa Uchoas

"Heather's Sound Baths transport you to a beautiful other dimension. For me, it really relaxes me at the deepest level possible allowing me to tap into my deepest self, which often includes deep sensations and creative imagination."

- Sangeeta Pillai Lander

"This was my second soundbath and was much more enjoyable and effective than the first.  Heather said only the minimum at the start of the session, allowing me to go into it gently without the stress of breathing exercises or attempting to visualise specific things.  That meant being able to use visualisation and breathing in my own way to drop through to the "state", and then allow whatever came up to just develop until towards the end when she led us through a full body scan at a good easy pace.  The various sounds were of course great, and being outside, meshed well with ambient noise of birds singing and the breeze brushing tree tops." 

- Peter Millar



“I attended a sound bath with Heather at 33 weeks pregnant and found the experience to be really enriching and calming for both me and the baby. As I prepare for my birth, I’ve found the sound bath a beneficial way to connect with my baby who really enjoyed certain instruments during the session - Heather and I spoke afterwards and she even shared some the names of the different chimes my baby responded to during the session! I’d never done a sound bath before and would definitely recommend it to any mums-to-be who are looking at different relaxation techniques during pregnancy."

Aisling Murphy 

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