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Please use headphones

Life on the waterHeather Ryall
00:00 / 06:08

Made using bird song recording from Horsenden Mooring with clarinet

Moulin Day 1Heather Ryall
00:00 / 03:13

Made using clarinet dyads, Moulin de Quétivel Mill mechanics, Miriam Sedacca's Running Water Art and Himalayan Singing Bowl

Until You Became Me SoundtrackHeather Ryall
00:00 / 03:39

Made using allen key on steel cog, mouth sounds and bell squelches with effects, dripping water, Himalayan Singing Bowls, wine glasses, Bass Clarinet, Clarinet, underwater bubbles in sink

Inside the Trees Humans WhisperHeather Ryall
00:00 / 06:17

Made using many things including coat hangers, clarinet dyads, saucepan, running tap water, trees moving in the wind captured with contact mics, spoon in glass and The River Thames

Trees Reeds and HarmonicsHeather Ryall
00:00 / 03:45

Recorded in Olympic Park by the River Lea on a deck in the reeds. Solo Bass Clarinet with reeds in the background mixed with the sound of trees moving in the wind captured with contact mics

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