Heather qualified with distinction from the British Academy of Sound Therapy in October 2022 and is now running group soundbath sessions in and around London. She follows the BAST method and incorporates self-reflection into sessions; providing clients with the opportunity to go deeper and gain more insight into their health and wellbeing on the different levels of their being.

What is a soundbath?

A soundbath is an instrumental sequence which takes participants into a deep state of relaxation. The frequencies of the different instruments and the way they are played is designed to guide people into an Altered State of Consciousness. Each session lasts around 45mins: after everyone has found a comfortable position on their mats, it begins with Himalayan Bowls, leading to Gong, and finishing with Crystal Bowls before a short sequence of therapeutic percussion which helps to lift participants out of the Altered State.



Photo credit: James Lockley

What do I need to prepare? 

Nothing - come as you are.
A pre-session handout will be sent to you beforehand so you know what to expect but the great thing about a soundbath session is that it can be experienced on multiple levels, ranging from relaxation, to meeting aspects of ourselves that we struggle with, to setting personal intentions. 



What are the benefits? 

In this state numerous positive health benefits can be achieved, including lower blood pressure, reduced anxiety, and less mental and physical tension. It can also be a space to set intentions to improve mental, emotional and physical wellbeing and to meet aspects which we feel might be blocking the way to our goals and aspirations.


What's special about a soundbath with reflection? 

Through a self-reflective guided exercise before the sound starts and after it finishes, a soundbath with reflection allows people to go deeper, tracking feelings as sensations in the body which can  help to inform the experience of the soundbath itself by making the process more conscious. These sessions can be used to set intentions, to meet our relationship with pain and difficult emotions, as well as to work through blockages in our system which we feel might be impeding our potential.